Jewellery Laser Welder

Application :

Apply to welding gold and silver jewelry, laser spot welding processing for jewelry, stainless steel jewelry and other kinds of jewelry,and fine metal part by hand welding



Input Voltage : AC220V+-10%50Hz
Laser Frequency : 1.0-10.0Hz Continuously Adjustable
Pulse Width 0.1-10.0ms Grading Adjustable
Spot Diameter Adjusting Scope : +-3.0mm
Laser Output Power <= 60W
Aiming and Positioning CCD and Microscope
Operating Mode Touch Control
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Display touch screen mounting dimensions 137" 190 (mm)
Machine Dimensions: L 510'W 295' H 395 (mm)

    Features :

  • One-button operation for automatic pumping
  • PWM continuously variable Fans
  • Touch screen integrated CCD display