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Indus Arc Power Pvt. Ltd., Established in the year 2010 with Goal of offering a most Reliable and affordable Welding & Cutting solution to our customers. With a manufacturing facility Bangalore, India, now emerged as a major professional Welding& Cutting Equipment Company. Since then Indus Arc Power has achieved domestic leading position in the Welding equipments business with best after sales service and technical support to our customers.

In 2016. Indus Arc has entered in the Fibre laser Cutting business by offering the best of Fibre Laser technology in the Metal cutting segment. It offers the most economical Sheet Metal cutting options to our customer.

We are fully equipped to satisfy ever increasing customer expectations. The company possesses all essential equipments to meet its design, production, inspection, testing and storage needs.

The company is not only committed to after sales service. But also eager to provide prompt pre-sale service that offer long term benefit to clients. Committed by its vision to maintain high standards in customer satisfaction, Indus Arc is continuously engaged in expanding dealer network and branches.